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Getting the right location is just as important as cracking the concept, choosing the right equipment and casting the right actors. A few more hours spent thinking about location and the odd recce can save days of trying to make shots work when the magic just ain’t there – or dealing with unforeseen delays on set. Read our top tips for choosing the right location below: 1. If you have to recce yourself – prioritise, then re-prioritise, at regular intervals. Before you leave, quickly identify the locations you need – and then get out there. Time can be quickly lost on a recce but re-assessing your requirement at regular intervals is essential. Don’t waste Read more

Profile films are a powerful way to promote your cause or business by focussing on a person or people within an organisation as they talk about their values or the values of the organisation. Whether they’re created for politicians, PR companies, musicians, actors or sportspeople, they are an effective way to compellingly communicate the subject’s facets from every angle. Authenticity is key so we research the subject in depth and write the questions but we never give them to the interviewee beforehand. We then look for the best soundbites to tell the story and put together our shortlist for filming based on what’s been said. We recently produced a profile Read more

We can control time! Well, sort of. Time remapping is a fantastic tool that enables you to create a unique depth to the pace of any story. Turning the missed and the misunderstood on its head, resulting in action packed, information filled sequences with awesome viewer experience. Any shot can be slowed down or sped up, allowing you to communicate a complex journey in a short space of time, and the changes in pace enable the key events to be given greater impact and dynamism. This simple technique manipulates key moments by condensing a series of events creating excitement and pace or slowing it right down, as if frozen in Read more

Colour correction and colour grading are essential (but often over-looked) steps in the post-production process that bring a film to life, adding mood, atmosphere and emphasis as required. Once the preserve of white-coated scientists locked away in darkened rooms, the process is now a lot more accessible thanks to software such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe SpeedGrade. However, it still involves just as much operator skill as it ever has in order to get it just right, and at Brickhouse we have exactly that. The pictures on every screen are made up of three colours: Red, Green and Blue. These combine to form all the images you see and can be manipulated and emphasised Read more

This month we’re focusing on Brickhouse co-founder, film maker and Director, Gino Evans. The man with the plan to one day take Brickhouse into space. Over to you Gino. Who are you? Gino Evans, a half Italian, half scouse filmmaker who supports Everton, likes South Park and loves Melanzane Parmigiana. What do you do? I’m a director and writer. Why do you bother? I bother because it’s a brilliant feeling when you have an idea that works on screen and it’s good seeing people’s reactions to the stuff you make. I’ve done it professionally for about 10 years now and there’s always something I want to learn or a type Read more